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When it comes to buying clothes, we enjoy the experience of walking into a physical shop, be welcomed by the shop attendants and using all our senses (touch, sight, smell) to experience the items we want to buy.

But with changing times, more and more clothing shops are choosing to sell their clothes online especially in these COVID-19 times.

Buying clothes online from shops in the UK can offer an experience similar to that of being in a physical shop.

Nonetheless, when buying clothes online it’s important to know your personal body measurements before hand so as to check with the clothing size chart on the merchant website.

It also helps to read other customer reviews on the how clothes they have bought from that website fit as well as the clothing material description.

This helps ensure that your online shopping experience for clothes does not end in regret.

In a separate guide, we have talked about the factors you need to consider when buying clothes online in Kenya.

In this article, we have listed some of the best UK online clothing shops to make it easy for you to make fantastic new additions to your wardrobe without any fail.

Further, we have explained how you can shop and ship from these UK online clothing shops to Kenya with Vitu Za

Without further ado, let’s get right onto it.

15. Misguided

14. Pretty Little Thing (PLT)

13. Uniqlo UK

12. Esprit

11. New Look

10. Zara

9. Primark

8. Asos

7. River Island

6. Mango

5. Zalando

4. H&M

3. Bershka

2. Next

1. Boohoo

To sum it up…

Some of the online clothing shops from UK can deliver directly to you in Kenya via couriers like DHL, FedEx and the like but it may not be your best option.

Reason being, courier charges can really be expensive and most of them will not do any customs clearance for you on arrival of your package. 😭

Why use Vitu Za to shop and ship from UK shops to Kenya?

Vitu Za shoppers enjoy a huge advantage when buying clothes online from UK shops compared to regular online shoppers as we give you a free UK address with our Ship For Me option that you can use to access this UK shops.

Our package consolidation service gives you a chance to shop from different shops and save money on shipping fees from UK to Kenya by combining your orders and removing excess packaging.

Additionally, Vitu Za delivers from the UK to Kenya in 7 business days or less.

One of the best thing about shipping with Vitu Za is that our rates are low and include customs and tax charges. That’s all you will pay to your doorstep in Kenya.

No need to worry or stress about clearing with customs. We do that for you. 

You can get your free UK address by signing up here.

If you see a deal that you like from UK clothing shops, simply share with us via our Shop and Ship For Me form or WhatsApp us.

Our customer service team is dedicated to help you in your online shopping journey.

It is my hope that this post has being insightful to you.

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See you on the next post where we will touch on the best USA Online Shops That You Can Buy Clothes From and Ship To Kenya.

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