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To shop online at any local or global shopping sites like Amazon, eBay or AliExpress, you will need to make payments online.

With that, most online merchant will require you to pay for your online purchases with your prepaid debit visa card or Mastercard during the checkout process.

While the majority of avid online shoppers maybe already familiar with this, there might be someone out there who might need help with this topic.

In this article, we will guide you on how can start your online shopping journey by showing how you can use a prepaid card or bank debit (ATM) card to shop online from your favorite store in the USA or UK and ship to Kenya with Vitu Za

Before we get into it, let’s understand the information at the front and back of a debit card.

Understanding the information on the front and back of a debit card

Most debit cards have the following information at the front and back:

  1. The debit card number (16 digits)
  2. The debit card validity period
  3. The logo of a global electronic funds transfer company e.g. Visa® , MasterCard®, Union Pay, American Express logo, etc.
  4. The logo of your issuing bank e.g. Equity Bank, KCB, Co-op, ABSA, Family Bank, I&M Bank, etc.
  5. Your full name
  6. Your bank account number
  7. Signature Strip/Bar
  8. Card Verification Value (CVV)

Front of the Debit Card

1. The Debit Card Number

This is the 16-digit number on your card.

It’s unique on each debit card issued by the bank and is different from your bank account number.

2. The Debit Card Validity Period

This sections on the card shows you how long you can use the card or how long it is valid for.

On expiry, you will renew the prepaid card or ATM card with your bank.

Most debit cards in Kenya will be valid for a period of 2 – 5 years from the date of issue depending on the issuing bank .

3. The logo of a global electronic funds transfer company

The logo displayed on your debit card means that you can use it where the debit card is accepted, for example, in supermarkets, restaurants, online shops or ATM.

Most Kenyan debit cards logo of the global electronic funds transfer company will either be Visa or MasterCard.

Also to note, most global shopping sites like Amazon, eBay or AliExpress will accept Visa or Mastercard issued prepaid debit or ATM cards.

Other features displayed on the front of your debit card that you may note is your full name and your bank account number and the logo of the issuing bank e.g. Equity, KCB, I&M and so forth.

Back of the Debit Card

1. The Debit Card Signature Strip/Bar

The authorizing signature will be at the back of the debit card.

For your protection against fraud, we recommend that you sign it as soon as receive your debit or prepaid card from your issuing bank.

2. The Debit Card Card Verification Value (CVV)

Last but not least, the CVV is the 3 digit number next to the signature bar.

It is unique to every debit card.

Using your prepaid or ATM debit card to shop at any online shop

When you are about to pay for a purchase during the checkout process, the merchant will require you to enter your debit/credit card details.

The following information will be entered in the checkout space provided:

  • The name on the debit card (your name)
  • Your debit card number
  • The debit card expiry date
  • The debit card CVV (located at the back of the card)

Below is an example on how to fill in your debit/credit card details.

Parting shot…

Now that you have learnt how to use your debit card to shop online, you’re now ready to shop from any global shopping sites in the USA or UK and ship with Vitu Za Congratulations!

To get started shopping online with Vitu Za, sign up on our website to get a personalized US and UK address to use any global shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and many others.

Use your debit card to make payments for your online purchases and ship them to our USA or UK warehouse. On receiving your orders, we will ship them to you in Kenya.

You can learn more on how our shop and ship service from USA and UK to Kenya works or contact us.

I hope that this post was helpful to you.

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What’s you experience using prepaid debit cards to shop online in Kenya? Feel free to drop a comment. Let’s engage!

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